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Some of the Deviant Gods out there!!:heart:


Would you like to ask my characters some personal questions? 

21 deviants said Hahaha! YEAH! I got some kinky ones! xDD *write them in the comments*
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Icons created by the lovely firstfear - aren't they adoreable? And they are free to use!! Go check out more of her work!

Hello my fellow deviants!

Okay everybody, here a little summary about what happened during Christmas last year!

First we gonna start with my birthday!!

First, I got ill. Like seriously ill, started on Monday and I am still having a bad cough.
It all started with a sore throat, then it got worse and worse, couldn't speak, couldn't do anything but laying in bed and eating medicines, while drinking lots of tea.
BUT since I didn't want to miss out on my birthday activities this year, I somehow managed to survive.
On Wednesday I was invited to a architect-student meeting in Vienna, where I and my father should provide help with our knowledge to help the students fullfill their projects goal. 
It was the only day where my voice somehow managed to maintain itself until the evening. We had lots of fun and each team received a fine collection of tips from me and my dad. 
Later we joined a little private Christmes party, with self-made Punsch, Jagertea, roasted chestnuts, cookies and salty stuff. The company was generally far beyond my age, but I had some very intense and lovely conversations with them.

Two days later, my actual birthday.
I was unable to sleep the night before, only had like 2 hours sleep before I had to wake up early in the morning for my hair dresser appointment made by my mother a week before. It was her gift to me.:heart:
My hair looks fabulous now, despite the fact that I had totally no voice after my body took revenge for me being to talkative on Wednesday, and despite falling asleep on the chair of my hair dresser like... a lot. Good thing I know my hair dresser since I was a little girl! XDD She didn't mind and I trust her blind, she knows what's best for the mop that covers my head.

Right after that my father and I went straight back to Vienna, again meeting some lovely people, but this time I took my fine time and visited a gallery who's owner was a good friend of a family friend. He suggested me to go see the exhibition based on the shin hanga era of Japan and more. I stayed there for 5 hours, just staring at fantastic art! :heart::heart:
I had a great time, even with the constant headache, the lack of sleep and my illness still killing me.

Here is the gallery website for you to check: Atelier Olschinsky

The next days I tried to just rest and recharge. (kinda)

And since I am late, but not an arse.

For sending me birthday notes and wishes and everything!!
I really can't explain how happy it all made me! I read all your comments and though I was hardly able to respond to them each due to my bad condition, I decided to not take them out of my inbox until I could thank you all together!!
:heart:I love you all so much, thank you!:heart:

Next time I checked it was almost Christmas!!

I spend the day with my parents and my little brother, after cleaning the house the day before, I could REALLY relax and just focus around cooking and enjoying the lovely evening and following Christmas days.

What I gave this year:
To my parents I gave a brand new living room table as well as the evening's dinner.
To my little brother I gave a brand new steam iron, since he is now going to live in his first ever single apartment and I am recently fixing an old painting that he later wants to hang in his living room.

What I received this year:
From my mother I received a Christmas card, which also acts as a coupon for a "Mother-Daughter-Day"
From my father I received a big kiss! xDD (I really didn't ask for much this year)
From my brother I received the promise that he will help me renovating his old rooms/my new rooms.
I also received a cute little doodle of Andrej from the lovely :iconsourful:

One Of These Is Not Like The Other by Sourful

Christmas Table by Split-Heart Christmas Dinner by Split-Heart Christmas Tree by Split-Heart

Two days later, the rest of our (close) family joined in for a celebration! xD
No rest for my belly...

Sunshine by Split-Heart Babies by Split-Heart More People by Split-Heart

(no fotos of me? pfft, I was taking them of course xDD)

Then, a couple of days later. NEW YEAR!!
31.12 - 01.01

The day before my mother and I made our own marzipan Lucky Pigs sitting on tiny green clovers!
Well, I am not sure how it is with other lands and their traditions, but here in Austria you give tiny goods as good luck charms around Silvester. Those can be fish, four-leaved clovers, pigs, a coin, chimney sweepers or horseshoe! C:
Of course you can buy those figures too, but my mother and I just enjoy doing stuff together and it is certainly easier than packing cookies!
Then we celebrated the change of years with my little brother's godparents and their son.
We had some delicious treats like smoked salmon, a crunchy salad and for dessert we had a little chocolate fondue, while watching the all year's classic: Dinner for One
It was great fun!:heart:
(originally we wanted to watch the fireworks from a hill nearby, but we had really bad weather, icey rain :C)

Pigies by Split-Heart It was delicious by Split-Heart Dinner for One by Split-Heart

Well, same procedure as every year! :party:

I hope all of you had/will have a lucky, joyful, save, healthy and productive NEW YEAR!!

That is all so far, thank you very much for reading and your always so very much appreciated support!
I love you all!


Cheers, SHHeart
  • Mood: Thrilled
  • Listening to: The Danube Walz
  • Drinking: Champange


Mechanismon App - Andrej by Split-Heart
Mechanismon App - Andrej


Name: Andrej

Pokemon: Poochyena Poochyena by CreepyJellyfish

Age: 17

Gender: male

Height: 1,68 meters New (original 1,55)


Level: 31 New *awaits his evolution - but well... B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B*

Type: :icondarktypeplz:

Country: Cassus

Hometown: Heureuxville

Class: Errand-Boy/Student (and he might even have a second job somewhere, he works hard really) New 

Guild: N/A


- Assurance :icondarktypeplz: New After dealing with enough bar fights, Andrej figured how to deal double the damadge when hitting a foe who just had his arse handed to him. Either through tumbling around and hitting himself or being alcohol poisoned. (or whatever)
- Swagger :iconnormaltypeplz: New Andrej knows that playing with cards is as risky as taunting a foe who could easily crush him. Though if you got the cool like this pup, expect any man's blood boiling from such impudence that he might even loose his clear thought and smack himself right in the face twice as hard. 

- Bite :icondarktypeplz: No no no, he doesn't literally bite... I think. Does he? ...

- Sucker Punch (egg move) :icondarktypeplz: Thanks to his speed he can at least perform one fatal punch every now and then, unless somebody knows how to block him and probably lay him over their knee for some spanking instead.

Ability:Quick Feet - Living a life with gypsies and mostly spending the day roaming the streets, Andrej has developed some kind of resistence against colds, nausea, sleepiness and leg cramps that would usually slow one down. Instead he bites through and seems to get even more aggitated, crazy little son of a b-... This ability also really helps him avoiding contact with unwanted company.

-He wears a silk scarf, which actually seems to increase his normal attacks, but who knows if that's really true?
-His most precious item is a fiddle with fine ornaments, that he only playes for his sister.
-Aside of that Andrej always carries some leftovers in his pockets, in case he is feeling exhausted, he can eat a bit and recover some of his energy.
-After getting a job, he finally managed to buy himself a good carving blade.

-Last Christmas Andrej had received a surprisingly charming gift from a cute monkey girl that he especially likes to wear in the coldest nights. A warm red scarf made of Mareep wool and a new grey hat that suits his hair colour perfectly.

Naughty, hasty and bashful.
Andrej was always unpleased with his social status and grew a very emotional side that he hides behind a rough, bad-mouthed attitude. He is very eager, demanding and hard-working to make sure he can do everything in his power to provide for his sister and himself. Being an annoyance to most of the people who have to deal with him, he learned to live more of an independant life than relying on others. Though he loves his sister over all else, Andrej tends to wander off on his own frequently. He just loves to get himself into other people's business and maybe lighten their pockets every now and then. His true goal however is to grow stronger and surpass whoever "rival" he layed eyes on. Only his sister knows however, that he has a very gentle, almost fragile side though, mostly shown in the way he approaches girls or while playing the fiddle. That can also be seen whenever he relentlessly followes his target no matter where they go, until they notice and approach him instead. In that case he'd reither disappear in thin air.

Andrej has a remarkable keen sense of smell, which might also help him to differ between friend and foe at the blink of an eye. That always helped him to check a situation out before bursting into it, lowering the chance that he might get himself into trouble which he wouldn't be able to escape from in the end. Aside of that Andrej has something like a photographic memory, maping entire cities in his mind and remembering even the smallest details of an event no matter how much time might have passed meanwhile. That talent has actually made him a favourite in terms of gathering information for the majority of people he worked for in order to earn some money, as well as his great durability thanks to his step-fathers repetitive harsh "education". His secret passion however, which resulted in his most unexpected talent would be playing the fiddle. Music seems to run in his family's veins.

- N/A Affinity

Among the shady folks which he considers himself part of, Andrej would be labled as the bottom of the barrel in terms of streangh and defense. He has no clue about the dark arts as of yet and has no plan what to do with his potential either. Anyone who decides to approach him physically could scare him off instantly.  Mindgames may do shit on him, but even the idea of getting hit by a focused punch in the face terrifies him. He also hates bugs like nothing else, he thinks they are gross.

When Andrej was still an infant, it was his gypsy stepparents that had found him and Valeria in an abandoned house and then raised them within their group to become street artists like them. While Valeria was always busy learning all kinds of things from their Delphox stepmother, Andrej on the other hand had a hard time with his Malamar stepfather. Valeria used to be the one who sitted him through his infant years. She also took care of him with much love until he was old enough to learn some new skills on his own. As a boy his first lessons were clear as black and white: Always listen to the elders and only the strong may give orders. His father would never let him play on his own, since everything the kid was interested in was not "manly" enough for the Malamar. When Andrej told him, that he himself looked more like a woman than a man, his father grew terrible angry and the little relationship they had together, was then broken forever. Andrej began to despite his adoptive family and curse this depressing life he had to endure. The other youngsters of the clan badgered him for his shortness and his father punished him hard for whenever he felt that it was necessary. Sometimes the boy was hiding in the most unthinkable places, just to avoid his drunken father. What he learned over the years though, was all he needed to keep himself alive. Stealing, snitching, observing, brawling with the stronger ones as well as running from them and climbing over the roofs to make the best possible escape. From his father he had learned how to keep his mouth shut during an interrogation, while his stepmother would just sit and watch, silently on her own. Everything he should have learned from a respectable person, Andrej had to somehow discover or learn himself. Of course he couldn't let his sister know about all this until he discovered their father showing growing attention towards her. The boy couldn't just watch and suggested his sister that they should run now while they still could. While she denied the offer at first, it was thanks to Andrej's intervention that they could both leave in one piece to begin with. Other than Valeria, he has no hope in finding their true parents, doesn't even want to know them now that he is (almost) a grown man and instead focuses to travel Orbis and find a way to live a free life of his own.

New Andrej had found himself in the position of finally deciding what to do with his freaking life. Working as an Errand-Boy for the rest of it certainly wouldn't help him achieving those goals of his. So why should he not try something else? Valeria had been occuppied with studies of her own for a while now and maybe that alone inspired Andrej to take on school himself. Working part times delivering mail, to then keep the rest of the day studying mechanics and medicine, to then continue some kind of night job later on. A terribly busy and rocky road he had picked for himself, especially when being in fact illiterate. However, joining the diversified symposia and classes held in the universities was really most of the insight he needed, along with getting his hands right into the job itself. Afterall, his memory was by far not his weakness. On the contrary, he could probably carve you a fully detailed wooden model of a Tauros heart if you just ask him for it. (he could already study those at the butcher store) Still, getting his diploma in the end would still ask of him writing tons of assays, something he was really scared of failing. 

The only thing that would stop Andrej from chasing after a person or a certain goal, would be whenever the target turns around and confronts him. Then he just tugs in his tail.
Andrej can not read. He never learned it and always relied on Valeria to read things for him. He can write though, by memorizing how words he knows are written. Doesn't work always though, his grammar is terrible. (he does not know it yet, but he actually has a cognitive disability)
Instead of speaking real CURSES like they are known from many dark types, Andrej actually just has a very loose and dirty tongue. 
He really wants to become a great man of Orbis one day and recently decided to study mechanics and medicine. New 

Personal Quote:"Bug off! You ugly son of a Jinx!!"
Theme song by suggestion:Mother Mother - Wisdom…;New 

(my doctor said I should try something new - so I did)

art, character © Split-Heart

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