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Worlds and Beyond App - Alicia


 Alicia Phoenix
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Height: 1,63 m
World: Radiant Garden
Species: Human

Path: Sword Master
Gave up: Shield

Keyblade: Custom Keyblade – Gift of the Goddess

Level: Master 


Alicia is a young woman and very mature for her age. She is calm and collected, often appears somewhat stoical as she hardly ever overreacts or raises her voice. Alicia is very forgiving and tries her best to encourage others to find their inner strength. Due to her close encounter with the darkness she became both marked by it, but also lost her fear of it which can lead to her overestimating her own capabilities when facing conflicts. Being a very intelligent and thoughtful person sprouted her desire to understand why people side with the darkness, leaving her silent and in deep thought many times. While doing so her mind often drifts off and her memories start to get twisted again, which can cause her to get very tense and reject other people around her. Alicia however does so in order to not bother anyone with her problems. Relying on others makes her feel weak and guilty, but she would always come to aid a friend in need without hesitation as she treasures friendship over all else. Despite being a good and gentle heart by nature, occasionally Alicia falls into a state of ecstasy while engaging battle against formidable enemies, though she can’t explain to herself where this desire for conflict originates from. In general she is a girl with many mysteries as both her past and personality are distorted. Whether her students have to face hard trials or VERY hard trials usually depends on how much she believes in a person, but just in case she will always be around to aid them when necessary.


Alicia grew up in Radiant Garden, though she never really saw much of it as she lived only inside the restricted grounds of a large research facility which focused their work on finding new power resources. Alicia had no family inside or perhaps even outside of the facility, neither did she have great bonds with the people working there. That’s why she had to constantly rely on her own resources in order to fight a bitter loneliness in her heart. The only people that visited her regularly were the researches who requested of her to attend many strange and exhausting tests, locking her up in chambers that radiated light. Those tests which she didn’t understand often robbed Alicia of all her energy, leaving her sickly and weak which perhaps rendered her even more relying on the facilities care. Kefka one of the researchers was especially interested in her tests and also proved to be one of the most relentless people under the headmaster Mateus’ order, pushing her towards harder tasks every time. Alicia endured the situation in favour of getting access to the facilities library. It was the only place where she could take a look at the outside world through literature. Dreaming of what she could never reach, the young girl occasionally leaned towards enacting stage plays of her own fantasies, her only chance of escaping the walls that kept her.

Alicia did not know anything about the things happening outside, but she did notice that something must have been changing inside the facilities structure. People started to disappear and others seemed to become more prominent as they filled in the empty spaces that had opened up. The young girl could feel something cold and scary creeping up on her, a forecast that something terrible might happen soon. Nightmares of endless darkness robbed her of the sleep she required to recover from the tests Kefka challenged her with, which became harder and harder. One day Alicia could no longer take it and refused to work with Kefka. Against her own believes that she could make it, the young woman made a run for it, attempting to leave the facilities prohibited grounds, but not soon after she finally reached the outside world, she’d be stopped in progressing by a single man. Being completely exhausted from the past days she could only plead with him to let her go, even if it was just a little bit further. All she wanted was to feel grass beneath her feet. Her breathing had become heavy, her body shaking with glassy eyes fixated towards the small greenery not far now, maybe she felt as she was going to die soon and that was her only wish. After a moment of silence the man lowered his sword and instead offered a little deal. As long as Alicia promised to go back later, he’d let her stay on the field for a while. The girl could hardly believe it, but accepted his conditions right away and could barely believe that sensation of freedom that flooded her heart and mind the moment she stepped onto soft soil. For a while she would just adore all these new sensations, perhaps it was amusing to watch her sticking her face to the ground, since the man did not hold back his chuckling. Without knowing anything about the man Alicia approached him in conversation. He looked like a very skilful swordsman, not like somebody who’d grant some stranger such a bold wish. After all, wasn’t he working for the facility? Apparently he didn’t care too much about the trouble he could get in – Alicia admired the kind of freedom he lived. The man wasn’t offering her much of conversation, but he was a good listener and eventually he’d share some of his own thoughts with the young woman. He even sat down next to her for a while, at least until it would become even obvious to Alicia that the time of return was coming nearer. The man could tell that her heart started to grow too attached to the outside, could she really go back now that she had a small taste of freedom? Alicia promised not to cause the man any further trouble, she would keep her word, but she had to admit that this chance he gave her was not satisfying at all. Though they probably spend all day outside, it still just felt like a short moment for the young woman and deep inside her heart she wanted much more than that. She gave the man another promise: Soon she would leave this place behind and go her own path, a path that leads towards many new worlds for her to discover. The man doubted that she could make it on her own, but Alicia was confident since she found a new friend to whom she wanted to keep that promise, thus in heart she was not alone at all.

After Alicia returned to the facility she was greeted harshly by Kefka who by Mateus’ order had to ensure that the girl was locked up for good now. A month passed while Alicia was locked up in her room, she wouldn’t even be let out to attend the usual experiments. Her heart was aching every night when she looked up to the stars or onto the long empty hallways. The other rooms had gone silent for many days now, not even Kefka was to be seen. Alicia took advantage of the situation still, as she prepared herself to escape that narrow prison of hers. The night when she finally managed to get through the door mechanism was perhaps not an ordinary night by chance. Though the young woman searched everywhere, there was nobody to be found only a vast darkness that manifested into strange creatures she had never seen before. She had to leave quickly now! No matter where she looked the darkness was all around her and those monsters weren’t far either. As she finally reached the outside she could see a town not far from the facility, the darkness was trying to consume it! Suddenly there was a scream and Alicia ran towards its source. There was a man chased by those monsters, but she was too late to help him, they struck him down and he vanished while the darkness swallowed a strange light – his heart. Such a horrible fate – she thought, but soon realised that the creatures tried to come after her next! No, never would she allow them to take her heart! Today was the day she would gain her freedom she had to keep her promise. Though she had no weapon, Alicia was willing to fight on, as she did not fear the darkness. As the monsters attacked she could feel how their grip pulled her into the endless abyss. She couldn’t keep her promise, now she was all alone, trapped in the dark, holding onto her fleeting heart. But this couldn’t be it! No NEVER!

Suddenly a voice echoed in the darkness followed by a source of bright light. It was small and seemed so far away. That light was a source of great power, something only one of strong will would be able to grasp as from that light would be cast a long and terrible shadow. “I don’t fear the darkness!” She said, reaching out to the light. It was warm and pulsating in her hand. Alicia opened her eyes slowly, feeling the hard and cold ground she lay on. Her eyes witnessed how a flash swept away all of the monsters in one blow. As she struggled to get back on her feet she looked at a tall dark figure. He was the one that destroyed the shadows, but the young woman could tell that he himself casted an even bigger shadow standing there without saying a word. He did not turn around as she called up to him, only vanished into the shadows. Without hesitation she attempted to follow the man, but she was quickly surrounded by the monsters once more. However, Alicia was determined to make herself a path and that will became a weapon in her hand, something she would later learn was called a keyblade.
This weapon was fit to fight the creatures, yet her lack of experience made it a hard battle indeed. No matter how strong her will was, there were limits to her abilities, but while she fought bravely help didn’t wait too long to arrive at last. He had been watching from afar the events that had occurred and surprised Alicia as he was too wielding a keyblade. It was due to his masterful skills that Alicia could make an escape. Radiant Garden was no longer safe for her to stay - so he said and he opened a strange portal that would send the young woman to another world. Alicia wasn’t sure what to do on her own, if he had let her, she would have stayed and fought alongside him. It didn’t take long though until she lost consciousness from exhaustion. Her body felt so heavy, her mind so clouded. It took a while for her to awaken, finding herself in care of that young man. He asked how she was doing, but Alicia could hardly tell - something wasn’t right… her memories were… so blurry. It was perhaps a trauma from the attack of the Heartless. That was the name of the creatures from the darkness and the man who rescued her was a keyblade master… a young one. In fact, he had just taken on his old master’s place. The young man told Alicia that she held great potential inside her, the keyblade in her hands was proof of that. She would only have to learn how to master it, if she wished to seek answers to her questions. It seemed that a new path had opened for her… one that would take her years of hard practice to walk down. However, while she held on to the keyblade in one hand, she also held on to a single black feather in the other. Something that would remind her of a promise from some time ago, that she made towards a dear friend.

At this current state Alicia often faces moments of memory loss, where her past gets oddly twisted inside her head. She blames her encounter with the Heartless to be the reason behind it - this uncertainty however did not hinder her to walk down the path of the sword. The route of warriors with invincible courage and an unbreakable will, wielding swords of great destruction. Alicia never afraid to fighting for her dream and new friends prepared her heart, body and mind to achieve them. And after hard training, facing many trials and visiting many worlds which were in need of protection from the darkness, she finally reached the rank of keyblade master. Alicia now seeks to also teach others how to master their inner strength and she remains focused on finding answers still to her many questions.


Alicia’s main strength is her speed. Her skill with the sword often reminds of a dance as she can deliver her well assembled combos very gracefully. Being trapped in one of those combos, while in melee range, is devastating. Staying in the distance won’t help for long either, as she quickly closes in gaps and can cover a rather large area around her with the length of her keyblade.
Her other strengths are quick thinking and reflexes. Trying to make up for her weaknesses, Alicia focuses her defensive strategy on being evasive and blocking an attack with another attack when possible. Those techniques are strangely not all due to her hard training, Alicia seems to have delivered most of her skills after coming in contact with the darkness. Magic like Stop, Slow or Sleep does not work on her.

Drive Form: Only in drive she can use a teleport like ability that allows her to break out of enemy combos. She additionally gains 25% strength, 25% speed with a gliding ability, as well as an AOE attack that will drain 20% of the enemy’s HP and MP adding it to her own. (This attack needs some time to be cast and can be interrupted.)


Being a top offensive styled fighter, Alicia lacks good defence. She can take a couple of hits, but either engaging in combat with somebody who is more endurable than her or somebody stronger than her can proof most dangerous, since she has a tendency to pick the most difficult fights for her own, overestimating her own abilities at the same time. She may not fear the darkness, but being exposed to it for too long can afflict her mind, causing her to mentally drift off from the battle. In those moments the strength of her keyblade diminishes until she grasps herself again. Alicia has a weakness to poison and confuse magic.

Drive Form: A negative effect of her drive form is that the more damage she takes, the faster she will return to normal. Her magic weaknesses are very effective in that case. (Dealt damage will counter that negative effect slightly.)


Literature – While spending most of her time indoors books became her only way to learn about the meaning of living in an outside world preferring fairytales and stage plays about traveling to far away worlds.
Singing and acting – Alicia never really having many people to talk with instead grew a habit of talking with herself. Her most favourite game as a child was to enact the stage plays she read from books.
Staring into the distance – Nothing helps her more to collect her thoughts and relax after a long day than staring into the endless night sky or across a large field of flowers. The beauty of large open areas may be simple, but to her that feeling of freedom is everything.


Bad food – It speaks for itself. Any meal that hasn’t been cooked with love won’t pass her lips. She is not a picky eater when it comes to ingredients, but her nose is sensible and she won’t even look at if it doesn’t even appeal her nose first.
Chaos – Actually she just dislikes a chaotic lifestyle. She is disciplined by heart and finding herself in an untidy room makes her all itchy. Also, don’t try to disrupt her daily schedules or she will destroy you! (She has it in order to not forget anything important)
Stubborn people – It feels like talking against a wall when a person is just non-responsive or won’t even try to consider another perspective. It’s just frustrating and reminds Alicia of days when she couldn’t even find people to talk with.


Blue/Red/Green/Yellow/White Trinity Ability
Summon/Dream Eater
Dodge Roll – Counter Attack – Slap Shot – Sliding Dash – Vortex – Aerial Sweep – Hurricane Period – Blitz – Zantensuken – Omnislash – Sonic Blade – Reflect Raid – Meteor Crash – Magnega – Brutal Blast – Aero Finish – Aerial spiral – Aerial Slam – Aerial Finish – Aerial Payback – Maelstrom – Judgement – Impulse – Guard Break – Flash Step – Aerial Dive – Payback Fang – Berserk – Wishing Edge – Stun Edge – Sonic Impact – Dodge Slash – Counter Rush – Retaliating Slash
Sleep Block – Slow Block – Stop Block – Damage Control – Grand Slam – Striker – Taunt – Auto-Dodge – Block – Break Time – Finishing Leap

Drive Form: + Critical Plus – Quick Run – Quick Blitz – Payback Raid – Vitality Surge – Attack Haste – Limit Storm – Ars Arcanum – Drain – Glide


- Alicia was unable to return to Radiant Garden for a while, but did notice trails of black feathers in other worlds while following her duties as a master. It makes her both happy and a bit paranoid.
- Sometimes when staring into a mirror for too long, she forgets her own face. In her mind she often expects somebody else to look back at her.
- She doesn’t know many people from the towns of Radiant Garden, since she spent most of her youth in the research facility that was swallowed by darkness. Thus she wouldn’t even know where to start searching for the man from her past, whose name she can’t even remember.
- The fluffy tail of a certain master captures her attention frequently.
- Alicia wished she could play an instrument, piano perhaps.
- She has an original theme composed by David Kingsmill


Quote: “True strength comes from within.” 




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