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deviation in storage by WhiteFoxCub
Some of the Deviant Gods out there!!:heart:


Would you like to ask my characters some personal questions? 

21 deviants said Hahaha! YEAH! I got some kinky ones! xDD *write them in the comments*
13 deviants said I don't even know your characters. : I *good chance to change that buddy ;D*
3 deviants said Pfft noooo, what should I ask a fictional creation anyway? v 3 v *dunno fun stuff?*


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art

Icons created by the lovely firstfear - aren't they adoreable? And they are free to use!! Go check out more of her work!

Hello my fellow deviants!

I was ninja-tagged by a good friend of mine :iconshatiel85: here. (that little monster)

Just a little explaination of what I am supposed to do now: I have to create this little journal here, showing off some of my OCs, because seriously I have to f*cking many. I still try to list the rest however only by name, just so you can get an idea. (and only main or semi-main characters or characters with major impact on the story, no OCs based on a franchise like LoZ or FF)
I think I will tag some people, but i gotta have to look who might be up to do it first. xD Now lets do this!

How many OCs do you have? (post thumbnails here if you feel like)
(now beware the spam)

-Lucretia- by Split-Heart -Mephistopheles- by Split-Heart
     Lucretia                   Mephistopheles
Ophelia, Sara, the french general, Pater Phillip, Metatron, Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, JHWH, Luzifer, Samael, Lilith, Belial, Asmodeus*, Mammon, Beelzebub, Leviathan
(I swear I keep this as short as possible, since technicaly the other demon lords are missing)

Eyes of Enigma
-Vorago- by Split-Heart
Ramon, Luna, Álvaro, Glauco, Beltrán, Sanguel, Adelheid, Vlad, Venia, Charon, Placidus Wynn, Seetje Suleika, Innozentia, Ahura Mazda, Ignis, Athmos, Atlas, Nerthus, Death, The Mother, The Father

Royal Flush
Mr Royal Flush by Split-Heart 

Mature Content

Mrs Royal Flush by Split-Heart
 -Sweet and Innocent- by Split-Heart
Thore A.W.            Ace W.            Cäcilia S. 
Sebastién and Croix Harley, Liberty and Susanne Fair, Aiden B. Wagram, Amduscias, Panima, Asmodeus*, Samuel "The Lion", Ivan "Big Cherry", Fortuna, Benjamin and Mia-Constanze Wagram, Elizabeth "Black Pearl", "Sinister", Daniel Saintsbury, Anna-Jane Saintsbury, Johnathan Pitchburg

"Some of the rest I really love"
Blackfeather by Split-Heart Sandman by Split-Heart
Blackfreather    and        Sandman

-Lots of Chibis in Bathsuits- by Split-Heart
ALL of them, because they are pretty old :heart:

Do you have a main/favorite OC amongst the ones you created? Who and why?

I would choose... hm... gosh that is a hiard one to start with.
Unfortunately I can not choose Mephistopheles, because he is actually a bit more of a legendary character, with personal interpretation, than a REAL OC.
Hm, so I guess I will go with... THORE!
Bahahaha, yes!:la: He is THE MAN! He got all the good features, without denying his bad side. He is the BEST buddy you can imagine and he really knows what's important in life. He can enjoy the very, very simple things in life and make you feel like nothing in the world matters more than making every moment worth living, for yourself AND others.

Let's get to know your OCs by comparison:

Who is the tallest? (feel free to specify height, if you have thought it up)
THAT is also a bloody good question. First I tell you which characters are not really defined by height, or make it hard to messure: JHWH (because its God and how do you messure that?), ALL of the demons/deties/demigods and angels since their height differs from how you imagine them (they technicaly only have astral bodies), I will also ignore shape-shifting forms like those of Vorago now. So in the end, I would say Ahura Mazda. He is a gigantic double headed Roc, which is not a demigod, they are actually a real species that existed in Vorago's world, he is the last of them and when standing straight up, he messures a height by around 10 meters and his wingspan is in total 32 meters. He is strong enough to lift a blue whale.

Who has the most striking and unique eyes?
Again, quite difficult to answer, but I'd say it is Lucretia.
(leaving supernatural creatures aside again BECAUSE, don't question it)
Still you maybe wonder: WHAT?! WHY?
When you look into Lucretia's eyes, you first think: Yeah they are blue. But actually, when people open up themselfs, they see endless possibilities, worlds after worlds of endless ideas. Like an infinit ocean or sky filled with dreams. No joke, people who look to deep into her eyes think they passed out for a moment.

Who is the strongest? And who is the most intelligent?
In this case I will ignore all dieties and demigods, as well as angels/demons, because that would just be unfair and their powers are mostly balancing each other out.
So for the stronges, I'd say Vorago. He is the closest to a demigod out there, without being one. He is so powerful mostly because of his unbreakable will.
I would also pick him as the most intelligent, though he is not the smartest. He is not as old as Sanguel, but Vorago had far more contact with different cultures, individuals and situations during his long life, providing him with far more material to learn as well as problems to solve and conquer. 

Who has the most beautiful voice?
Pfft, why are those questions so hard? xDD Hm, I think this one is a tie between Lucretia, Belial and Gabriel.
Belial is not just a demon, he is called the demon with the silver tongue. He is a master of corruption, but also the only Satan who is able to speak at heaven's cort without making others bleed from their ears, his voice can be compared to that of an angel. That's why he is concidered extremely dangerous.
Gabriel is also known as great messenger, when he speaks everything around him becomes beautiful and filled with joy and hope.
Lucretia has like most of the rest a more natural voice, but a very beautiful one, due to her choral training. I could have said the same about her mother Ophelia, but Ophelia's vocal cords were a bit injured after inhaling to much smoke during a fire.

Who has the most troubled past?

No doubt, that guy went through the most TERRIBLE situations you can imagine.
(and I am not sorry)

Who is the most selfless, and who is the most evil/selfish/malevolent/callous?
All classified good and evil asside:
1. Vivian - she is so selfless, innocent an cute, it almost hurts. I think it's because she's a little bit "stupid"
2. a huge tie between Samuel "The Lion" and Ivan "Big Cherry" - both of them are heads of ogranisations working with slavery, child-prostitution, weapons, drugs and murder. They are "businessmen" of the finest kind. Not caring one bit for the lifes they take and ruin, only thinking of their profits and power. Both of them can be so disgusting, that I hate myself for writing them.

Who is the most thoughtful and/or erudite?
(again, I just can't count in all those goodie good shoes)
Ophelia/Lucretia, since most of the things Lucretia learned, comes directly from her mother. They are both extremely respectful towards others. Even though they both lived in the late 18th/early 19th century, they would NEVER simply judge a person on their looks. They respect that every single entity is special and they know it is not their right to judge on them. Though Ophelia still knows that she should not interact with the bad ones though, Lucretia on the other side welcomes all. (making her an easy target, despite the fact that she knows it could cause her big trouble) 

Who is the most impulsive and hot tempered?
Pfft, I would pick Baran! xD This guy, even though he represents the element water, is quite hot tempered. He is always energized and even when his whole team is stuck in deep thoughts, he pulls them all together and carries them on one hand over a mountain. He also likes to bash into battle without a single thought - often ending in him getting his arse handed to him.

Which of your OCs is the one you consider more revealing about yourself?
And what does that OC reveal about you?
I think I will choose Blackfreather.
She carries my old ALIAS and is probably the oldest of them ALL. I can also very much identify with her, mostly because we share a lot of issues. We can be strong for others, but we can be really damn harsh on ourselfs and we are often really depressed. We both enjoy talking and thinking in our heads a lot. We enjoy stories, art and dreams. I think she also reveals a lot about my fantasies. *cough*

Finally, tag up to five people from your friends list!

:iconluziferschoice: :iconmaga-link: :iconsuyuku-san: :iconbanished-shadow: 

Here are some extra questions for you guys if you want to add them, or change some of the old questions! C:

Who do you think has the nicest wardrobe?
Who of your characters has the largest family?
What character do you want to keep the most secret?
What character do you think followes the most cliches?
Who of your characters is your oldest? (in age and date of creation)
What characters of yours would you label as a Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu?
Who gets the most/least sexual attention?

That is all so far, thank you very much for reading and your always so very much appreciated support!
I love you all!


Cheers, SHHeart
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Mechanismon Doodles by Split-Heart
Mechanismon Doodles
Because I need the exercise~~ (and I luv my new babies) Working with colourful characters is fun.

The Malamar and Delphox are Andrej's and Valeria's foster parents, called Remus and Mina.

To understand what is going on with Andrej in the bottom left, watch this:…
And do not question what is going on with Andrej on the bottom right, I might get arrested.
Instead criticise my ugly baby drawing of him~~

*rolls under her bed again*

Thanks for comments and favs!^^

art, characters © Split-Heart



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