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January 5
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ZeldaAUD: Link by Split-Heart ZeldaAUD: Link by Split-Heart
And the winner is........ BLUE!! HURRAY!!:dummy:
The blueish colours have won by a total of TWO votes!! Seriously TWO VOTES!! I have counted EVERYTHING! All votes on previous and following polls on DA, all comments on DA and Tumblr and of course everything else I received! Cx It was an amazingly close shot right there, I am so surprised. Yet it shows me that there are indeed many things to messure when making a concept. You can't make everybody happy, but I noticed a lot that it wasn't just the colour people appreciated, but the concept itself. That makes me very happy.
Of course I have also included my person thoughts on the costume! Like what did I want to show with it? I read every suggestion and thoughts of yours carefully, thinking if I was doing the right thing or if I could possibly manage to get that same result by changing some details on the final costume? There was seriously a lot to think about and I am really thankful for your supportive words and votes!:heart:
Now enjoy this! I really put my heart into it! > u <

Name: Link (means: a chain fragment, connection)
Age: 22
Hight: 1.76 meters
Weight: 74 kg
Family: used to have a mother until he was 14, still visits her grave sometimes
Race: Hylian, town guard and royal archer in training
Religion: Legacy of the Three Goddesses (but seriously not interested in it at all)
Assigned Face: Mask of Legacy
Likes: his buzzard, his horse, archery, apples and autumn days
Dislikes: getting lectured, demanding people, failure, cemeteries and endlessly talking people (yeah I am thinking of you Kepora!)
Hobbies: decorating his bow and arrows, spar, handicraft work

Thanks for comments and favs!

design (c) *Split-Heart
Character, Legend of Zelda (c) Nintendo

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Karnzun Featured By Owner 3 days ago
I want to see this design in a future LOZ game or at the very least, cosplay it.
Jexyss Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2014 <3
Split-Heart Featured By Owner Edited Dec 7, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
o H   o I guess it's not so bad for what they call Zelda's Creed series? (I seriously still do not know why people think that, it looks nothing like an assassin's costume - no white and/or red, no hoodie which would be most importantly and no space for a hidden blade and I really held back on the belts thingy)
But I am still happy people like it.:heart:
Dark-Sith-Angel Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
There are several Assassins creed outfits, one is blue, another is black, im pretty sure there is a brown ish one. I'm a seamstress and have made AC costumes before, and yes the first thing I thought of when I saw this was "Link Assassins Creed!?! Awesome!" Even without the hood, he still has his hat. Link has his own weapons so no need for a hidden blade. Over all, yes this is amazing, good work! 
Split-Heart Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think that since I work primarily with historical references, teamed with fantasy elements kinda fits perfectly the work babis of Assassins Creed. It is afterall a story that works close with history, but just brings in lots of fantasy as well. I don't force anyone to believe I was not focusing on that franchise, if they feel like it reminds them of that franchise, then it is their opinion. I am fine with it. Though I'd be happy if they were to notice my intentions as well.
Indeed not all assassin's wear white and red, but that just shows that their costumes are not based off a generic dresscode. Their costume change a lot through the ages and thus you could say any costume that involves stealthy purpose might just get that assassin's creed feeling to it. That franchise just coveres to much content I could see fit on a costume for Link. (like the belt for example, or maybe even the shoulder pieces)
I love the franchise, but I hate how it infected my art without my permission. v n    v
Still, I am very happy you enjoy it, thanks a lot for your kind comment.
GlitchSamo21 Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2014
ZeldaInformer appears to find this picture interesting and reposted it on FaceBook - source:…
Split-Heart Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh my! Thanks Glitch! I will check it out and then hide somewhere so nobody can see how blushy my face is right now! TT U   TT
GlitchSamo21 Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2014
Sure... and it's not me who upload it.
Split-Heart Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
GlitchSamo21 Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2014
So you're fine with them re-uploading your stuffs?
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